Hobby reflections on 2013

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Hobby reflections on 2013

Post by barr7430 » Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:36 am

Catching up on some site stuff this morning I thought about what LoA has done this year in terms of the hobby. Although we may appear to have missed one or two deadlines I am giving us an A on our report card!

Donnybrook in at the printers and will be available probably week 2 2014. There will be a special pre order offer in the shop over the next few days.

Warfare brought out quite a few new codes. Sales were even better than 2012 and continue strong. We have started a fairly massive GNW project the first fruit of which will be seen shortly.

Quindia Studios has continued to produce excellent flags to support the period.

Le Roi Soliel is now up and running and representing Warfare west of Ireland.

We have put some nice games on at Partizans 1 & 2, Carronade, Claymore, Targe and Crisis.

We ran two cracking weekender games at Derby and a one dayer at Larkhall.

I managed to get the bi monthly column going in WI together with a few articles on other topics and sent contribution to CSG's Wargamer's Annual and WSS too.

Clarence constructed the new blog which has grown in popularity and averages about 4 new post per week and we've managed to keep that up since its inception. The contributions from guest posters have been fantastic.. thanks for that chaps. Invitation still open to previous and new contributors.

Ade got Adrian's Walls underway and off to a flying start.

Toggy got his Scottish passport and we've already got a plan for next year!

I have concluded that to put anymore into LoA I would have to give up the day job but that is not quite possible yet as we'd starve and my daughter would have to give up drinking pina colada and wearing jimmy choochoos or whatever they are called.

So, a great year, pat on the back for the team... magic sponge and a sliver of orange before getting back on the park and knocking in a few dozen more in 2014.

Can promise you this...

A GNW range which will I hope blow yer sox off!
French troops for the Grand Alliance period together with more siege equipment, wagons, labourers, more cavalry, mounted dragoons and some little extras.
One and perhaps two books.
A new website.
Weekenders and one day games exploring existing and new periods.
More contributions to the blogosphere
The continuing musings and wargaming adventures of the LoA via the usual routes in print.

Just another year (in the words of Johnny Logan)

Happy New Year and as they say up here in the cold, -, dark and incredibly friendly North..
Lang may yer lum reek!

Stick with us in 2014!
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Re: Hobby reflections on 2013

Post by PaulPatrick » Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:38 pm

Thanks to you and all your team for some fantastic work.

One 'weekender' & I was hooked....as my wallet can vouch.

Drooling over the prospect of an Ireland supplement for BLB2 in this new year.

Feliz ano nuevo/Athbhlian faoi mhaise duit/Happy new year!
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Re: Hobby reflections on 2013

Post by dashing blade » Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:34 am

Bring on the Highlanders,looking forward to a headlong charge into some ill prepared redcoats! :D
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