Up the Nile- Brits and Ansar Collection Thus Far

covering mainly Crimean & American Civil War
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Up the Nile- Brits and Ansar Collection Thus Far

Post by Atheling » Sun Aug 15, 2021 2:43 pm

Again, with the studio out of action it has given me a little time to catch up on some photography work. To help me take stock of where I am with various projects too- and stick to the "Rule of Threes"! :>)

All the units and single bases, along with the usual waffle can be found on my Just Add Water Blog here:
https://justaddwater-bedford.blogspot.c ... s-far.html

The first unit for my Sudan collection was completed way back in 2015. One of the few gaps in the Perry Miniatures Sudan range was that of the Mounted Infantry Company under L/Captain Humphreys. Thus a small degree of conversion work was called for. The Mounted Infantry models are taken from the Command and Troop packs of the Perry Miniatures British Camel Corp with their "undersides" filed out (enter the "bastard" file!) with putty work done on redefining the puttees. The horses are taken from the 10th hussars packs.

Mounted Infantry Company:

Beja Unit 1

Beja Unit 2:

Examples of some of the single bases:
Just Add Water High Quality Painting Service:
Gawalthaufen Blog (Late 15C Warfare):
La Journee Blog (Early 15thC Warfare):
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