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French mercenaries in the Royalist army

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:31 am
by wdrenth
dear all,

Not an expert on military matters of the English Civil Wars, I was triggered by a reference to the employment of French mercenaries in the Royalist army between 1643 and 1645. This is stated in 'The Civil Wars. A Military History of England, Scotland and Ireland 1638--1660', edited by John Kenyon and Jane Ohlmeyer, on page 105 in Ian Gentles chapter on the Civil Wars in England. The related note refers to an unpublished thesis.

So I am curious if this statement is correct, i.e., this Charles employ French troops.
And if this is true, I would be interested in details of these foreign troops: what was the treaty between Charles and Louis for these troops, how many of them where there, what was the composition, etc. I tried Google on this, but surprisingly little comes forward.

kind regards, Wienand