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Battery strength
The overall strength of a battery is calculated by each model gun, complete crew and limber equalling 1 ‘model’. A four gun battery will have 4 guns + 4 crews + 4 limbers = a strength of 12 models. A six gun battery will have 6 guns + 6 crews + 6 limbers = 18 model strength. Although several operating principles remain unchanged, how a battery receives casualties is fundamentally different from the method explained in Republic to Empire. This definition replaces that of the original rule book.

Artillery as a target

Hits are still scored by throwing 4, 5 or 6 on a normal D6.
Counter battery fire
When gun batteries take fire from artillery there is a risk that the guns themselves are put out of action as well as crews or limbers. If a battery is hit a score of 4 destroys a limber team, a 5 incapacitates a gun crew and a 6 destroys a gun. Guns which have been positioned in fortifications, built up areas or are not transportable, take scores of 4 or 5 against crew. Guns of calibre greater than 12pdr disregard the first hit per gun in the battery to simulate the larger and more robust construction of heavy pieces.

Small arms fire
When gun batteries take fire from small arms there is risk only to crews or limber teams. If a battery is hit a score of 4 wounds a limber team and a 5 incapacitates a gun crew. A 6 kills a limber team or gun crew on a further 50% throw. Guns positioned in fortifications, built up areas or not transportable, will take any hit against crew.

Casualty effect
Guns without limbers cannot move unless manhandled. Guns without crews can have their crews replaced by infantry or other gunners who currently have no gun. Guns destroyed by artillery fire are permanently out of the game although their crews can be kept as spares or could themselves later become casualties from subsequent fire. Batteries losing up to half of their limbers take +1 turn to refit and move at half rate after refit. Batteries losing more than half their limbers cannot refit and are out of the game.
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