French Revolution

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French Revolution

Post by Chad » Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:10 pm

I want to use the rules for the above and have some questions:

1. Will the rules work at 40:1 as opposed to 20:1.

2. Third rank skirmishers. Both the Austrian and Prussian battalions
could use their third rank for skirmish purposes. How would this be
represented in the rules?

3. The rules restrict 'Grande Bande' to one battalion of 'les bleu' in a
Demi-brigade. Prior to the formalisation of the 'amalgame' 'Grande
Bande' probably arose from the lack of training in the early years.
The rules make formation changes difficult for them, so if they fail
could the result be used to create a 'Grande Bande' in some way?


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Re: French Revolution

Post by barr7430 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:34 pm


firstly, the rules can be used for the earlier period. I am no expert on the Revolutionary Wars as they are not an area of direct interest.

The ratio should make no difference, it just means some historical units may be smaller than normal but if everything is using the same model to man ratio on the game then no one will be put at a disadvantage.

Why not assess how the 'Specialised Skirmishers' rules which are pretty comprehensive, can be adapted to accommodate your needs to deploy 3rd rank skirmishers... I don't think any new rules are necessary just an adaptation of what exists.

Please let us know how you fare..

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