Any questions relating to Beneath the Lily Banners rule system.
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Post by Gunfreak » Mon Dec 30, 2019 10:12 am

So I finally got with talons and claws as a Christmas gift from a friend.

A very inspiring book, that kinda made me want to do an ottoman force,(which I assume was the plan all along from Barry)

But I decided to see how many points my painted forces were to check the balance.
By following the general hints and recommendations of the rules.

I came to this,

Danish force, 19 Points. 11 infantry points and 8 Cavalry points.
Of the 4 Danish battalions 1 is drilled elite, and one is veteran elite, and two are just drilled. The drilled elite is the grenader korps and the veteran elite is the liv garde til fods.

The Saxons got 15.5 points.

4.5 infantry,10 cavalry and 1 artillery.

The Russians got 10 points.
5.5 for infantry, 4 for cavalry and 0.5 for arty.

The infantry is one drilled elite, 2 raw and 1 drilled.

The Anti-Swedish coalition is 44.5 points strong.

Which is good, because I kinda overdid my Swedish.

The Swedish are 11.5 just for the infantry. Not that bad only half a point over the danish. even though they are 1 battalion stronger than the danish. This is because of the Raw 5 mennig battalion. that only gives 1.5 points.

But then I added all the cavalry. it alone is 30.5 points.......
Not only does the Swedes have almost as much cavalry as the 3 others combined, but I have both the liv dragoons and liv regiment til hest in my force. Now I can downgrade one of my dragoon units, by half a point, but it doesn't matter much.

So the combined Swedish force is 42.5 points not far from the form the 3 others combined. with my swedish cavalry alone being far more powerful than any single army of the other 3.
My Swedish cavalry is over 10 points stronger than the entire danish force. almost twice as strong as the Saxons and about 3 times the Russian...

I think I overdid the swedish cavalry....
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Re: oops!!!

Post by Adam Hayes » Mon Dec 30, 2019 7:11 pm

A few Swedes go a long way! Think of it this way: those hundreds of Russian units you will need to paint now will be perfect opposition / cannon fodder for the Ottomans!
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