Retreating Units and Charging in Columns

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Retreating Units and Charging in Columns

Post by AspiringWellington » Mon Nov 04, 2019 4:29 pm

Hello, first post here! My group has been playing several games of Republic to Empire over the past few weeks and we are enjoying it quite a bit! So far we have been playing 15mm French vs Prussians/Austrians while we get our 28mm armies ready, but and we hope to start some 28mm games soon.

I the meantime, we have a few questions on the rules, this time just the two mentioned in the title.

Retreating Units:
If a Retreating Unit takes artillery fire or is charged and is forced to test Resolve in Phase 7 or Phase 10 and they fail their check so that they are still Retreating, do they check Resolve again in Phase 13 for having retreated? Similarly for a unit experiencing its first Retreat, if it Retreats in Phase 10 from the Charge, does it need to check Resolve in Phase 13 for having a Retreat status?

Column of Attack:
This one I think I know the rules answer to, but if I'm right I'm a bit concerned about it. One of the infantry supplemental modifiers for Resolve is a +1 if the unit is in Column of Attack and has advanced this phase or the previous if not currently phasing. Does this modifier apply to Resolve Checks to Initiate Charges and to Charge Home? If it does that seems like it makes Columns near impossible to stop with Lines, in our games the first charge of a Column is usually a Drilled Unit with Supports, if this bonus adds in as well, the Column would need a 2+ roll to charge and a 2+ to charge home if it takes casualties. That seems excessive to me, which is why I ask about it.

Thank you very much for the assistance!
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