VWQ -AAR and "battlefield situation rules"

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VWQ -AAR and "battlefield situation rules"

Post by itchysama » Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:45 pm

Greetings fellow Gamers!
We had a refight of the assault on Coventry over the weekend using VWQ rules. A couple of observations/rules questions came up while playing.
Here are the situations and how we handled them. Your input on these would be kindly appreciated.

1. We had routing units burst through other units. What we agreed upon was the following:
- Routing units bursting through steady units shake those units (no morale test).
- Routing units bursting through shaken units rout those units (no morale test).

2. Trotters get a d6 when doing choosing what range they fire at opposing cav "stand and fire" vs evade or counter-charge. We believe that the trotters always shooting at close range (2 inches) in this case did not apply. So we came up with the following:
- Trotters when standing and fire option is chosen, have the following ranges/modifiers:
- Ranges: Short=0"-2", Medium = 2+" - 4", Long = 4+" - 6"
- Modifiers: Short=+1, Long= -1 to the die rolls.

Full AAR on this can be on my blog: https://gamingenglishcivilwar.wordpress ... y-vwq-aar/

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Re: VWQ -AAR and "battlefield situation rules"

Post by quindia » Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:12 pm

Both good solutions... good to see players work out these kinds of things!
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