VWQ - single base units?

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VWQ - single base units?

Post by maw66 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:43 am


I'm new to this forum as a member though have been dropping by for some years.

Just wondering if anyone else has experience of playing VWQ using single base units and any modifications they might suggest? Obviously, march column, for example, would need rethinking.

Reason: I'm constrained somewhat by space and budget so have been looking at 6mm (the revamped Baccus ECW range is rather nice) and I already have a number of 6mm armies eg. 7YW. The only drawback to the 6mm stuff is they are moulded on strips which don't fit well on some base sizes - but using larger bases offers some lovely diorama possibilities plus a bit of extra space to offer protection from clumsy fingers... :)

Any thoughts/suggestions gratefully received.

Cheers, Mark
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