Book Clear Out 2020

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Book Clear Out 2020

Post by Friedrich August I. » Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:50 pm


After a pretty hard time for me I finally like to start again with doing Wargames.
As I started 1988 with collecting various books until 2015 I gathered quite a lot of them. So now I think the time is right to clear out Books which no longer have any use for me but may help others in their tasks.

I don't have a real clue of what to charge for them now or what they are still worth but I believe I can figure that out.
I post here a list of it so you get the picture:

Book-Clearout 2020

OSPREY: each € 5.-

ELITE 23 The Samurai
ELITE 35 Early Samurai 200-1500 A.D.

Campaign 2 Austerlitz 1805
Campaign 9 Agincourt 1415
Campaign 11 Kaiserschlacht 1918
Campaign 43 Fornovo 1495

MAA 50 Medieval European Armies
MAA 83 Napoleons Guard Cavalry
MAA 86 Samurai Armies 1550-1615
MAA 87 Napoleons Marshals
MAA 96 Artillery Equipments of the Napoleonic Wars
MAA 111 The Armies of Crecy and Pointers
MAA 113 The Armies of Agincourt
MAA 125 The Armies of Islam 7th-11th Centuries
MAA 141 Napoleons Line Infantry
MAA 146 Napoleons Light Infantry
MAA 153 Napoleons Guard Infantry (I)
MAA 160 Napoleons Guard Infantry (2)
MAA 166 German Medieval Armies
MAA 171 Saladin and the Saracens
MAA 199 Napoleons Specialist Troops
MAA 211 Napoleons Overseas Army
MAA 218 Ancient Chinese Armies 1500-200BC
MAA 227 Napoleons Sea Soldiers
MAA 251 Medieval Chinese Armies 1260-1520
MAA 255 Armies or the Muslim Conquest
MAA 284 Imperial Chinese Armies: (I) 200 BC- 589 AD
MAA 295 Imperial Chinese Armies: (II) 590 – 1260 AD

Steven Turnbull “The Book of the Medieval Knight” from 1995 € 20.-
William Seymour “Be Your Own Napoleon” from 1988 € 10.-
Julian Paget “Wellington’s Peninsular War” from 1990 € 25.-
Cpt. W. Siborne “History of the Waterloo Campaign” from 1990 € 40.-
Paddy Griffith “Wellington Commander” from 1985 € 30.-
Bruce Bassett-Powell “Armies of Bismarck’s Wars – Prussia, 1860-67”, 2013 € 70.-

FRENCH Text Books about Campaigns and Uniforms:

La Campagne the Russie – Napoleon 1813, 1981 - € 70.-
Napoleon et la Russie 1805-1807, 1980, - € 70.-
Napoleon et la Campagne the Espagne – 1807-1814, 1978, € 50
Napoleon 1813 la Campagne d’ Allemagne, 1987, € 80.-
Waterloo La fin d’un Monde, 1985, € 50.-
La Garde Imperiale, 1982, € 60.-
Le Uniforms du Premier Empire – La Garde Imperial Troupes a Pied, 1982, € 30.-
Le Uniforms du Premier Empire- Etat-Major et Service de Sante, 1982, € 30.-
Casques es Coiffures Militaires Francais, 1981, € 30.-

PM me if you are interested or write me an e-mail to:
„Macht Euch Euren Dregg alleene“

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