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WSS British Help

Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:13 pm
by kippax
Hello All
Looking for help on a number of British regiments of foot
I'm struggling with,for my WSS project
I know info is hard to find on the British even more so on regiments that didnt take part in well known battles and campiagn's,but would like to include them in my army as they was there at so point..

John Gibson's 28th of foot (Gloucestershire regiment) any info on their colours yellow?

Thomas Farrington's 29th of foot (Worcestershire regiment)would they be green ?

William Caulfeild, (2nd Viscount Charlemont ) 36th of foot (Herefordshire regiment)
would they been gosling green ?

Finally any info on colonels crest's and flags would ber great..