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Reichsarmee Markgrave of Baden 1703

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:16 am
by Friedrich August I.
Dear Members of this Forum,

As I am known to have some problems with clear thinking :wink: I now work on a small Army Group of the above mentioned Reichsarmee 1703.
The part I have in mind contains a group of already existing Saxon Troops so it will be easier to bring them on the Field of Homour:

Forces under Graf Castell
lst Line:
Wing: Feldmarschal-lieutenant Prinz von Hannover
Generalwachtmeister Graf Thu"rheim
Styrum Dragoon Regiment (5)
Hohenzollern Cuirassier Regiment (5)
Leibregiment (Saxon)(2)
Kurprinz (Saxon) Cavalry Regiment (2)
Jordan (Saxon) Cavalry Regiment (2)
Eichstädt (Saxon) Cavalry Regiment (2)
Infantry Right Wing: Feldmarschal-lieutenant Schulenburg
Generalwachtmeister von Wostromirski
Königin (Saxon) Infantry Regiment (l)
Kurprinz (Saxon) Infantry Regiment (l)
Waekerbarth (Saxon) Infantry Regiment (l)
Wostromirski (Saxon) Infantry Regiment (l)
Thielau (Saxon) Infantry Regiment (l)
Sacken (Saxon) Infantry Regiment (l)
Infantry Middle Right: Feldmarschal-lieutenant Graf Erffa
Baden (Swabian) Infantry Regiment (2)
Erffa (Franconian) Infantry Regiment (2)
Infantry Middle Left: Feldmarschal-lieutenant Durlach
Generalwachtmeister Horn
Schnebelin (Franconian) Infantry Regiment (2)
Durlach (Franconian) Infantry Regiment (2)
Infantry Left Wing:Feldmarschal-lieutenant von Anhalt
Generalwachtmeister von Natzmer
Kanitz (Prussian) Infantry Regiment (2)
Prinz Anhalt (Prussian) Infantry Regiment (2)
Prinz Philipp (Prussian) Infantry Regiment (2)
Wing: Generalwachtmeister Hohenzollern
Bayreuth Cavalry Regiment (5)
Prinz Philipp (Prussian) Cavalry Regiment (3)
Wartensleben (Prussian) Cavalry Regiment (3)
Crassau (Prussian) Cavalry Regiment (2)
Leibregiment (Prussian)(3)

What remains is to collect all the information needed for the other troops like uniform styles, colors of them, the Flags and some other stuff like what Miniatures best to be used and if with or without Tricorn.. much to research and all your help you may offer is much appreciated!

Thank You,


Re: Reichsarmee Markgrave of Baden 1703

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:44 pm
by karamustafapasha
You probably have the information already but there is a good series of articles on the 1702-03 campaigns in and around Bavaria.

They were in the Pike and Shot society (a 'must join' organisation if you are interested in this period) magazine 'Arquebusier'.

It has 9 parts I think - part 1 in XXVIII/VI and then various issues up to part 9 in XXXI/IV.

Well worth getting hold of if you can and of course features the Saxons :)

Re: Reichsarmee Markgrave of Baden 1703

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:57 pm
by Churchill

Re: Reichsarmee Markgrave of Baden 1703

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:43 pm
by Friedrich August I.
Hi Ray,
it is from the Austrian War Archive.
Besides of their involvment in the GNW they had to commit themselves in the war of the Empire. So between 1702 and 1704 they sent different Battalions of their Foot Regiments and Half Horse Regiments to do the promised Service for the Emperor.

EDIT: It was money too that spurred their "Loyalty". All Electors and little or greater members of the Empire did it more or less for the same reason. Raise Troops, lend it to some one in need and get coins for it.

This list is made by Nafziger therefore there are some spelling errors of some units. But usefull and identicall with a OOB from the DIGAM.

Schuster & Francke also mention the troops under Schulenburg that have moved Westward after the Battles of Posen and Punitz 1703.

Thanks for your concerns.