NEW Simple soldier's equipment ...Army equipment 1700-1720

Conflict between the Swedes and their various neighbours between 1670s and 1721. Including topics on Danes, Saxons, Saxon-Polish, Russians and anyone else the boys in blue were mixing it with!
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Re: NEW Simple soldier's equipment ...Army equipment 1700-17

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Flint lock pistol m/1687

Bullet weight : 18.25 grams. Race Rel. l : 23 caliber. Nominalkaliber : 16 mm . The chamber piece is 7.85 inches long . At the back , it is octagonal, but until it is at a distance of 3.5 cm 16 -angular . At the front it is limited by a insvarad and a raised edge . A pair of similar stripes , one of each kind , goes around the barrel 3.3 cm in front of the former boundaries. The long bar is around. Barley is boat shaped and of iron and sits 1.35 inches behind the muzzle. The low position sight sits on the rear of the barrel , in front tail screw tail. The barrel is held by two leaflets and a cross bolt. The latter goes from bottom to its main betäckes both of avtryckareblcket as of varbygelns front foot . To remove the cross bolt must first delete was byeln , avtryckareblecket and trigger , because the latter holds avtryckarebleckeblecket . On combs lintel is an element K with a dot over , thus NS , on the left side are for the most part covered by piprännan , figure 7 and higher up the number 56. As seizures have been hard polished barrel on the stock pulley . The lock has varhake and oval plates , as the back is drawn in a tip . Hanhalsen is slightly rounded at the back and the short lip screw head has scored . The pan has hint of seam and short tail boiler . Eldstrålsfjäderns screw goes from the inside instead of boiler screw is a rivet . Eldstålsfjäderns bay goes in front of the - the front screw . Eldstålsfädern have rear a small arrowhead shaped leaves . The striker is letters D R wrapped. The stock is made ​​of birch and coated with thick brown varnish. Along laddstocksrännans edges are bevelled and the forend behind laddstocksrännans end they are united both seams for a long narrow tip . Around the tail screw- tail stock has a raised portion at the rear end triangular . On the left side of the piston skirt is number 56 element . The fittings consists of coat, trigger guard , avtryckarebleck and rörka and all of the iron . Her coat is rounded at the bottom , but rather weak . It has oval tvärnitt and is 4.2 cm thick and 5.5 cm wide and is equipped with thin rails of folding the right ends 2 cm. behind the striker tip . Varbygelns rear arm which is held by a träsruv , ends 2 cm. above the edge of her coat . The 7 cm . long front arm is arrowhead shaped, has dock and is held by a pin . Side-plate and näsbleck have albrig existed. Rörkan is adorned with insvarvad stripes. The ram-rod is fully made ​​of wood. The barrel was probably made in Jönköping, but the lock is made ​​by gunsmith Daniel Roloff in Stockholm , and the stock is likely a Royal . Majesty " schäftare " Schertiger . Any acquisition of guns of this model skedds not .
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Flint lås pistol m 1687.jpg
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