Swedish Guards (1670s-80s) in Green coats and Blue Cuffs!

Conflict between the Swedes and their various neighbours between 1670s and 1721. Including topics on Danes, Saxons, Saxon-Polish, Russians and anyone else the boys in blue were mixing it with!
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Swedish Guards (1670s-80s) in Green coats and Blue Cuffs!

Post by veryangryowl » Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:51 pm

Hi Everyone
Im not sure about this but im pretty sure I saw a unit of these back in the 80s or early 90s appear in an issue of miniature wargames. They were very nicely painted by professional painter Kevin Dallimore and if I remember rightly were Essex miniatures late 17th century. They looked great and my question is:

A: Does this uniform sound right?
B: Has anybody got the time and the collection to find this picture and scan it for me?
(I know that's a big ask!!!)

Thanks for any information about this

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Re: Swedish Guards (1670s-80s) in Green coats and Blue Cuffs

Post by Grenadier » Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:02 pm

I'll try and tackle this. I am working from Hoglands "Scanian War 1675-79". There are four units named as "Guard", as follows:

Drabanterna- Began as 25 inner palace guards, increased to 200 and united with the Livgardet, below.

Livgardet till Fot- Also a company of palace guards, in 1672 it was increased to four companies and for the war it was converted to a field regiment of twelve companies of 150 men. Uniform;

1674-Pale blue coat with yellow lining and facings, black hat, blue breeches and gray stockings. Pikemen and non comms had buff coats, gray breeches and gray stockings.

1679-Blue coats, breeches and stockings and gray hats.

Tyksa Livgardet till Fot- Original Livgardet field unit.
1673-Blue coats
1677-Without Uniforms
1678/79- Gray coats
1679-Blue Coats with yellow lining and facings

1675-Gray coats, blue lining and facings, gray hats.
1677-Without uniforms
1678-Gray coats, blue lining and facings.
So, no green mentioned. It appears that many dragoon regiments were dressed in green, though.

The Hogland book is a necessity if you are interested in this war, however, it disappointingly only covers Swedish units. Thankfully, Mr. Schorr had a marvelous article covering the Danish on his now defunct website. Now I only need something covering the Brandenburgers....

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