One Battle to rule them all - 1660 to 1721

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Re: One Battle to rule them all - 1660 to 1721

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Sir William wrote:
The campaign would be Turenne's final campaign in the Rhineland from 1673 til his death at Salzbach in 1675, campaigning against his old foe Montecuccoli. This would also feature the exploits or misadventures of young John Churchill and the English Brigade.

Bill, I've only been able to find a bit about this campaign in English but it sounds quite interesting. Can you point to good sources about it in English. I can also read some French but it's a lot slower going.

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Re: One Battle to rule them all - 1660 to 1721

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Rather than hijack this thread any further, I would prefer to send you my select bibliography as a Word document. If you will please PM me with your e-mail address, I will send you the bibliography. It is 4 pages long and includes online sources such as Google books, published material not available online, and links to maps and charts (some with OB's) from the Marburg Digital Archive.

Anyone else wishing a copy of the bibliography may also PM me your e-mail address for a copy. These are English sources only, except for the maps and charts, and links to Susane's "Histoiries".


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