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Title : Warfare Miniatures at Partizan 1

I must say this was a bit of a proud moment for me. A demo at a show I have been attending for over 16 years containing only miniatures manufactured by Warfare. About 1200 in total including 400+ cavalry. The game represented a fictitious battle set aournd 1693 in southern Spanish Netherlands. A larger Grand Alliance army has made a surprise advance and caught a smaller French force deploying to defend its garrison town. The minis are painted by Bob Talbot, Dave O Brien, Adrian Howe, Alan Wedderburn, Andy Thomson, Paul McLauchlin, Peter McCarroll, Gerry Donohoe,Chris Steadman, Steve Shann and myself. The game was superbly hosted by Bob and Gerry with some assistance from DOB. Ade and I traded as Warfare/Adrians Walls for the day. The game attracted huge interest, many plaudits and the admiration of such luminaries as Mike Siggins and Mark Allen. Many of our Derby Weekender friends were in attendance and it was nice to see you all!

Date: 2013-06-03
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