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Title : Kompanie Zunker 31 12 44

1500 pts. Company command(Zunker), 2 infantry platoons(Kahn & Falk) each of command + 3 squads, 1 HMG platoon(Midunski) of two sections + command. From Divisional support I drew an AT platoon(Wense) of 1 x three gun section of PAK38 with RSO tows and a heavy tank platoon(Krieger) of 1 Tiger 1E(Number 101). By dropping the other Tiger and reducing the calibre and number of AT guns I was able to introduce a Sturmgeschutz platoon (Imrei) of 3 x stuGIIIg.Lorenzen's platoon is absent due to casualties in the last action. The AT guns never deployed as they were not needed. The battle was largely fought and won by Kahn's, Midunski's, Imrei's and Krieger's platoons.

Date: 2005-09-20
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