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Title : Hills Hellions - US Army

Captain John Hill's Hellions. 2030 points. 2 tank platoons each of 2xM4A1s & 1xM4A3(76mm), 1 company command of 2xM4A3(76mm) and 1xM4A1 Observation tank for the armoured artillery,armoured artillery battery of 6 x M7 Priest,AAA platoon of 2x T28E1,2xM13 quads and semi track command,tank destroyer platoon 2 x M10 and two jeeps,Recon platoon of 1xM3 and 1 jeep with carbine team. This all-armoured force is highly mobile, has fantastic AA and artillery capability but lacks a knock out punch against heavy German armour. Alan Buchanan(in command) also took limited air support which does possess the weight to KO German tanks but alas in this battle they never arrived. Force painted by John Hill.

Date: 2005-10-25
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