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Title : The battlefield -Dnepropetrovsk

In panorama the dispositions are clearly visible. Kompanie Zunker:Grenadier platoon- foreground(Benecke), supported by (Midunski's) MG 42s, beyond them the Company Stabs zug with an 81mm mortar section attached, ready to advance - (Kahn's) Grenadier platoon (black line shows attack on snipers), (Brauer's) 20mm Flak platoon, (Roth's) 12cm mortars,(Berringer's) four Marders, (Fesser's) small MG42 platoon and Observers on the high ground in the extreme top left of shot. The close packed Soviet horde is on the right. The four red arrows mark the Soviet lines of attack with the dotted lines indicating the limit of advance. The two blue coloured dots represent Sniper positions located and eliminated, the red, the one that got away!

Date: 2005-11-04
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