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Title : Tiger 121 - Standartenjunker Eisen

SS Standartenjunker Eisen belongs to a LSSAH heavy tank company and is frequently detached to support Kompanie Zunker. He has to date, fought with the company eight times distinguishing himself in three actions. His Kill Tally is very impressive and runs to 2 ISII, 3 T34/85, 2 SU85,7 Shermans, 2 Churchills, 3 Stuart M5s, 1 MarderIII, 4 LTVZ38s, 3 T70 obr 1943,2 SU76i,1 251 Half track, 1 105mm M7, 9 transports, 1 AA gun, 2 AT guns, 2 105mm Howitzers (+1 captured) and an American 2iC. He has been decorated and received promotion. He was killed when his Tiger was attacked by Flamethrower wielding Soviet infantry in East Prussia early in 1945, helping Zunker to yet another glorious victory! Total kills:45. Sad day Jan 5th 2007 - killer: Gary Martin!

Date: 2005-11-25
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