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Title : Panzer Kompanie - Zunker

As The Cauldron mission was originally a Kompanie Zunker affair it was important to me to have elements of the company involved in the counter attack. A Mid War German infantry company would have had little chance of retaking an objective from an all-armour enemy so I enlisted an understrength Panzer Company from LSSAH who were actually in the Kharkov sector at this time of the war. I chose an HQ(2 tanks) and two understrength platoons(3 tanks apiece). These were supported by a paK platoon drawn from Kompanie Zunker's parent regiment. The RSO and Zis trucks are the tows for the paK40s. I chose volume(haha eight tanks against twenty nine Soviet)deciding to drop the Tiger from my orbat. The Luftwaffe never arrived!

Date: 2005-12-20
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