Title : 1st battalion Regiment de Ligne - French

This is a French first battalion at theoretical full strength. 36 models representing 720 men in 6 companies each of 120 men. The pompon colours denotes the companies Green, Blue.Pink and Violet for the fusiliers, Red for Grenadiers and Yellow or Yellow and GREEN for Voltigeurs. Units rarely achieved this kind of strength and typical French battlaions of the Hundred Days Campaign were around 400-500 men strong or 20-30 models. Of the near 100 battalions with the Armee du Nord only a single 1st battalion, that of 10th Line met the paper strength at Waterloo. They had 718 men equating to 36 models. They were part of the 20th Infantry Division of Lobaus VI Corps. Ironically this was the weakest division in the entire army numerically. They were in reserve foor most of the day but fought a skilful delaying action near Plancenoit to hold back the arriving Prussians. The first battalions of French regiments carried an Aigle or Eagle. The banner was sometimes attached, sometimes wrapped in a black waterproof cover or sometimes taken off and the pole with the Eagle on top carried as the symbol of the regiment.

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