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Title : Fighting Retreat Leipzig 1813

This scenario was a tune up game for Republic to Empire action in 2015. A scratch force of about 4,000 French are defending a strategic road junction on the line of retreat. There are two small regiments of Hussars, 2 of Dragoons, 2 independent Light Infantry battalions, 1 small combined brigade of dismounted dragoons, 1 entrenched 8pdr battery, a small Guard Horse artillery battery and 3 Old Guard battalions supported by a 12pdr reserve battery from the Guard. Reinforcements of 2 Hussar regiments and 1 Carabinier regiment arrive on T5 and T6 respectively. The French have simply to hold the enemy back and protect the crossroads. The Allied force is about 10,000. 3 Austrian Brigades are the initial attacking force reinforced on T2 by a small grenadier briagade and on T3 by 2 brigades of Russian cavalry and some dismounted Cossack skirmishers. The Allies have not artillery because this is a pursuit scenario. Good fun, nice to see the Austrians out.

Date: 2015-02-06
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