FeldgrauA fantastic source of information from the worldshattering to the personal level.Anyone remotely interested in the German Army and its campaigns will find it useful.
JagdtigerWonderful site discovered by Paul McLauchlin. Great pictures and an intro section that might make you leap for your volume control.
Kapiti Fusiliers
Kapiti FusiliersReally great site from yet another bunch of New Zealanders! This country seems to be doing for wargaming what the All Blacks did for Rugby! Very interesting articles, tips and lovely pics. The ubiquitous Roly Hermans appears yet again!!!
Le Roi Soleil Miniatures
Le Roi Soleil Miniatures

Le Roi Soliel will carry all Warfare codes and stock Beneath the Lily Banners. Bob will carry battalion packs as sold here on the site. I believe he intends to trade at certain US conventions going forward.

Lend Lease trucks to Russia Site
Lend Lease trucks to Russia SiteThis is an absolutely fantastic site for OstFront Nuts like me. Great detail and amazing drawings and info. Thanks to Dave O'Brien for pointing it out.