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Scots Warriors 1640-1719

Here is the start of a range of figures which will cover Scots warriors from 1640-1719. The first four codes can be used particularly for the first, second and third Jacobite Risings (1689, 1715 and 1719). Within 2 months the following codes will also be released:   Highlanders Charging (mixed weapons) Highland Command (Including Bonnie Dundee mounted) Highlanders Standing open handed (Lochaber axes or pikes)   Within 6 months the following codes will be added:   Lowland pikemen in bonnets (and plaid) Lowland pikemen in hats Infantry Command   These go well with codes WLOA80-87 Infantry with apostles.    The blog will feature the the first 7 packs in detail over the next few weeks.   The first four packs can be ordered now for shipping before December 31 2014.   SEE THEM IN THE SHOP NOW!