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SALUTE and long chats with various people including the sculptors, casters, friends, resellers and customers have got me to the stage of being able to say what the longer term development plan for WARFARE MINIATURES will be:

The range has turned the all important financial corner which makes the decision to continue and invest a simple one...I will.

The cavalry are in the bag and so over the next few weeks the various codes trailed and shown here will be released. The reaction to the cavalry samples I had at SALUTE was tremendous and I am really pleased not only for me but for Clibanarium too! But, to a large extent that is history now and I need to move to the next stage in the range's growth.

The following subjects will appear relatively quickly:

Additional Officer variants Additional artillery crew 20 new infantry figures with apostles Mounted dragoons French of various descriptions More horse variants (animals) Further personalities Siege related characters Militia and recruit codes suitable for Sedgemoor/Ireland/Europe

By the end of 2012 the range is likely to have up to 40 -45 pack codes with over 140 figure variants.

Much of the work is already underway. I am always interested in what gamers and collectors want. The Cuirassiers are a direct result of lobbying! So on this thread I am happy to field questions, hear comments and listen to suggestions.....