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132 Options on Cuirassiers!

By mid November Warfare Miniatures will be offering 132 variants on Cuirassiers for the period 1670 - 1721. This is achieved by having 22 sets of 3 unique sculpts available on both Standing or Galloping horse variants. The range covers English, Irish, Dutch, French, German, Danish, Bavarian, Austrian Imperial Circle, early Swedish, Saxon, Spanish and a wide variety of smaller states from the Scanian Wars through Sedgemoor, Ireland, Flanders 1689-1697, Rhineland, Italy, Eastern Wars, Great Northern War, WSS in Flanders, Spain and Germany.

English helmets, Continental Helmets, Hats, Tricornes, Bareheads with wigs and without, bandaged too. Cuirasses over coats under coats and front plate only. Musicians with arm variants playing and resting. Lances for standards with attachable finials and cords, arm variants with pistols cocked, firing, swords at rest, up right and extended, officers arms waving hats or tricornes.

See them as the emerge from the paint room here