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During 2013 we will I hope release 3 books and 1 pdf. Clarence and I have been working on a set of skirmish rules which are specifically aimed at the period 1660-1760 but have universal application. The rules have a name but we are not trailing that yet. The rule book will have the complete game system and the nearest we have come yet to Army Lists included. It will be the first release of 2013. A pdf covering some extra dimensions to the rules will also me made available during the year.

We will imminently have high quality BLB and R2E polo shirts for sale on the site in 4 sizes from small to XXL

We also have the Crimean supplement to Republic to Empire about 80% ready. It HAS a name FOUR EMPIRES. It should be next on the release list.

The long discussed supplement for Beneath the Lily Banners : Ireland 1689-1692 will also be released in 2013. Its compilation should be relatively quick as much pf the material is already finished but not formatted.

Two other books are in the pipe but may not make it in 2013... Clarence's very popular Victory without Quarter ECW rule set and the ACW version of Republic to Empire.


Warfare has truly consumed the lion's share of time and effort. We have a great team on board now and 2013 should be the biggest year yet in terms of releases. Tomorrow will see the release of a heavy wagon, tumbril cart and artillery limber. Currently being master moulded are command figures for the Enthusiastic cavalry, Dismounted dragoons command French Maison du Roi musketeers and pikemen. Their releases will be staggered over February and March. Being sculpted and in the queue are: French dismounted dragoons, new infantry, Mounted dragoons. The GNW project will kick off soon and those interested in joining it will get more details. Further releases this year will include more French, more cavalry, siege equipment and accessories, some civilians.

In conjunction with Clarence's Quindia Studios label we will see many more flag sheet releases including French Infantry, Horse and Dragoons, Swedish Infantry and Horse for the GNW, Russians for the GNW and many more.

DAVE THOMAS will continue to represent WARFARE MINIATURES at UK Shows and very soon I have some exciting news about wider distribution of WARFARE.....

LEAGUE OF AUGSBURG LoA has been my flag of convenience at shows for many years. Over the past few years I have been happy to expand the team to include some very enthusiastic and good friends. Dave, Ade,Bob and Clarence have made some fantastic contributions to the LoA and will continue to do so in 2013. We will be exhibiting at several shows and Harrison/Hilton hope to participate at HISTORICON 2013. Ade, Bob and I will be running weekenders in Derby in March and October and I may find time to fit one or two events in at Lundin Links too. MAGAZINE COMMITS My long association with WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED will continue. I have already written several pieces for publication in 2013. I will also contribute to Charles Grant's WARGAMER'S ANNUAL 2013 and fully expect to have 1 or 2 other bits and pieces creep in to the trade press here and there.

This is just a brain dump to let everyone know that you can expect us to be firing on ALL cylinders on 2013..

Hope you find something there to grab your interest!