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Ascending Scales
Ascending ScalesArticle published in Wargames Illustrated #219 offering an objective guide to 28mm scale vehicle and figures compatibility for WW2 wargaming
Poles apart
Poles apartArticle published in HMG Magazine #4 dealing with wargaming a 1939 Polish Army against the Germans.
Flying the flag
Flying the flagArticle on making COTTON flags published in Wargames Illustrated #223 May 2006
First in WorldWargaming
First in WorldWargamingArticle written in 2006 and published in issue#2 of Battlegames magazine. It deals with the position of WW2 gaming in the spectrum of modern wargaming periods.
ARCHIVE INDEX WI issues 98-An archive/index detailing all photos, articles, references to League of Augsburg or BH since we first appeared in the mag in Issue 98. I was pretty surprised when I finally completed the list.. there's quite a bit!