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In house amendments to GHQ WWII MicroArmor Rules (1)
In house amendments to GHQ WWII MicroArmor Rules (1)Suggested amendments dealing with the `survival' of recon troops, artillery fire and artillery observers.
Under the Lily Banners Taster
Under the Lily Banners TasterA sampler from my now completed 1660-1715 rule set which builds on principles set out many years ago in WHC Marlburian.New basing,command, firing mechanisms,artillerysupplement and morale mechanisms. Only available to subscribers of this site in full version.
Fast Play Crimean Rules
Fast Play Crimean RulesA Fast play set of rules that Bob insists an 8 year old(his!) can understand. Any questions on mechanics etc please to Bob via the Forum or PM - Thinredline
Under the Lilly Banners Rev 4 Taster
Under the Lilly Banners Rev 4 TasterThis is an extract from Rev 4 of the rules which contains a sample scenario and a sample of the 30 Events. The main set will be available to Site Subscribers when it goes out in the next week or so.
Panzer Ace Game - Rules Taster
Panzer Ace Game - Rules TasterThis is a taster from my fully illustrated Panzer Ace Game Rules set. The game is a multiplayer tank `shoot 'em up ideal for conventions, clubs or a bunch of friends playing at home. I will be making these available commercially very soon. I am taking a few copies to Historicon and am running a Public Participation Game at Claymore 2005 in Edinburgh on August 6th. The prize for highest scoring player of the day is a painted Battlefront Panzer.