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LoA show flyer Sandomierz Bridgehead 1944
LoA show flyer Sandomierz Bridgehead 1944Handout used for this game on the show circuit 2004
LoA show flyer for Stalingrad game 1942
LoA show flyer for Stalingrad game 1942Handout used for the 2003 Stalingrad game on the UK show circuit.
SKELP 2004 show review
SKELP 2004 show reviewThe Club's own interesting and readable show review with some nice things said about Panzer Ace which got the gong for best participation game.
Flyer for Partizan 1 2005
Flyer for Partizan 1 2005This is the handout which I used at Partizan I for 2005. It overviews the Battle of Sedgemoor game. I had really good feedback on the game and was surprised how many people new about Sedgemoor including a whole bunch of Re enactors who'd been therefor the 300 Anniversary bash. Mark Allen...I'd never have believed it! Thanks also to Roy Lowson for his tales of the Pretender!!
Claymore 2005 Handout
Claymore 2005 HandoutThe Handout for the Panzer Ace! Public participation game at SESWG's Claymore Show.