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Flussgarten Allied deployment detail
Flussgarten Allied deployment detailFor Allied player eyes only.
Flussgarten French deployment detail
Flussgarten French deployment detailFor French player eyes only.
Le Vrai - Flussgarten special edition!
Le Vrai - Flussgarten special edition!The scrivener O'Brien's totally biased account of the French `stunning' victory at Flussgarten. I think his family are in the Paris phone directory(obviously an Old `Wild Geese' family). Prince Andrei has already filed a complaint with the PCA and a full investigation will follow!
Battle of Hohenbrunn 1813 - Battle report
Battle of Hohenbrunn 1813 - Battle reportFull Battle report and four detailed maps showing how the action unfolded during our January 2005 mega game
Battle of Hohenbrunn Umpire control pack
Battle of Hohenbrunn Umpire control packThis pack gives all necessary information to umpire and run the game using your chosen set of rules. We used two umpires for the game.